Environment, Health & Safety

Collabera believes that concern for the environment should be part of any business and that is why we are proud to integrate environmental consciousness into our overall strategy. Sustainability is part of our everyday life and we work hard to be responsible global corporate citizens. While striving for economic development, we make every effort to reduce our ecological footprint and environmental impact, and to protect eco-systems.

In an effort to preserve nature and make a positive impact on the environment, we encourage our employees to be environmentally conscious and limit their ecological footprint at work as well as in their personal lives. At a corporate level, Collabera’s green initiatives include:

  • Energy conservation: Collabera has invested in green building designs and utilizes energy efficient bulbs and IT systems in our offices globally
  • Waste reduction: Collabera has implemented a recycling program and a paperless environment
  • Package size reduction: Where possible, Collabera uses recycled paper and "biodegradable" packaging
  • Toxic emissions reduction: Collabera strives to reduce toxic emissions related to employee travel and has invested in videoconferencing services