Environment, Health and Safety

At Collabera, concern for the environment is integral to our business strategy toward sustainability, and we shall strive to fulfill all our environmental obligations and commitments toward being responsible global corporate citizens. Eco policies not only indicate positive environmental stewardship, but also present business opportunities such as innovative products and investments in sustainable forestry and renewable energy.

Collabera recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen to assess and minimize the impact of its business activities to reduce environmental impact and protect the eco-systems, while advancing economic development.

Collabera takes environmental consciousness as an integral part of doing business. We believe that employees in Collabera are environment conscious and contribute to preserving nature as well as making a difference in our own respective work areas. We have believed and implemented a paperless environment and encourage our partners and suppliers to do so as well. We have invested in green building designs, Energy efficient IT infrastructure and have embarked on an aggressive policy of encouraging eco-conservation across all facets of our corporate life.

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