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Agile automation best done with CI + TDD + Fitnesse

Main stream integration is passé! Continuous Integration aka CI is the future context when it comes to programming. As difficulty levels reduce for the developers, testers have had to cope with numerous challenges. Multiple code checking every day, makes testing efforts onerous for applications that involve plenty of test data, back end system, dynamic feed system. The latest challenge stems from cloud solutions.


Multi-Factor Authentication for FS Applications

The data revolution is creating a dramatic impact on the economy, science and our society at large! The exponential growth in data has also significantly increased the threat of security risks. So this revolution requires immense attention to data integrity & safety. To solder the weak links in security, organizations have had to spend considerable effort safeguarding their customers’ data, from web crawlers and housing it on secure servers.


Result Cache

Result Caching is a feature introduced by oracle in 11g to boost the performance of the queries and functions by saving the end results in memory.