A Day in the life of an Associate Technical Recruiter

Anthony Marengo spent four years at Rutgers University hoping for a career in Psychology.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in psychology, he took an internship role as a Teacher’s Assistant with his Psychology Professor. He enjoyed helping people but didn’t see this as a long term option and felt a career change was necessary.

Fast forward to current time and Anthony is a four months in as an Associate Technical Recruiter (ATR) with Collabera, the largest minority-owned IT staffing firm in the US.

Immediately upon joining the company Anthony was immersed with Collabera. He underwent a rigorous training program implemented by Collabera’s Training department and admits that his first few weeks were tough as he was inundated with staffing terms he was unfamiliar with.

However, his decision to transition to a new field has been a refreshing new start.

“I have a friend that works for another staffing company and loves his career.  He mentioned that I would be a great fit as a recruiter, so I researched the top staffing industries in New York and quickly realized that Collabera was the best choice”, Anthony said.

“The more I learned about Collabera, the more I wanted to work for the company.  I could tell immediately, even during the interview process that this would be a competitive but rewarding environment.”

Anthony is one of the first to join the mentor program – a newly formed initiative geared towards attracting entry-level candidates with a prized work ethic and strong interpersonal skills. Each mentee is brought on to work hand-in-hand with our client to place talented candidates into open roles for our clientele.

To ensure Anthony and other mentees are provided every opportunity to succeed, each ATR is provided with a mentor, usually a senior level manager with whom the ATRs are expected to build strong rapport with. This level of support allows each ATR to have a resource that can groom them and provide resolution on any questions.

After his weeklong training concluded, he immediately became immersed with the ins-and-outs of the role.

As an ATR, Anthony is assigned to work on a handful of accounts that change from day-to-day.  His biggest assignment is sourcing talent for international companies in the retail, banking and financial industries. 

His days are mapped out – he gets in the office around 8:00 AM every day with the mindset that he is placing talented candidates with industry-leaders. Majority of Collabera’s clientele is comprised from Fortune 500 companies including the five largest banks and many of the largest Telecom organizations.

Collabera’s internal candidate system contains more than 3,000,000 active profiles of candidates that are actively looking for career opportunities. These profiles come from college fairs,, and social media sites. 

To start his week, Anthony will ‘source’ anywhere between 50 to 75 candidates with backgrounds relatable to the requisition he is working on. Sourcing is the term that describes going through our internal system and finding candidates that possess the requirements as set forth by the client, for the open role his team is trying to fill.

That same day he will set out to reach each candidate via phone and present the job opportunity, discuss his/her current and previous working experience and gauge their interest level in the position.

This is a daily task for Anthony and the recruiters within the mentor program.

“I like my role here because I get to speak with someone new every day.  Most importantly, I’m helping people find their career path and put their life back on track.  It feels good to know that I’m actually making a difference in people’s lives.”

After making each call, Anthony documents the conversation into an excel workbook and our internal candidate system.

This documentation ensures Anthony and fellow recruiters have the most up-to-date information for each candidate including current role, future role they are seeking and their interest level among other things. Furthermore, documenting each conversation prevents internal recruiters calling the same candidate for the same role.
When he’s not making calls or sourcing for candidates to call, Anthony tries to speak to his managers and/or fellow recruiters seeking advice and best practices.

Though he’s relatively new to the industry, through extensive training and shadowing his mentor, Anthony has a better understanding of Collabera and the temporary staffing industry and is looking forward to helping job seekers find the right fit for their career.

“I didn’t walk through the doors with a knowledge or background in recruiting.  I knew there was a lot to learn but the training program greatly increased my understanding of the industry while providing me with the right tools to succeed.”

What’s next for Anthony? After learning and honing his skills as an ATR and going through the extensive training program, he hopes to be promoted into an account management position.  At Collabera, recruiters are promoted into account management and sales positions between 3-6 months, based on performance.