Mobility is redefining the way business is conducted to meet the insatiable customer and employee needs. The rapid penetration of smart phone devices and adoption of mobile application is acting as the catalyst.

Enterprises are gearing up to take advantage of the advances in wireless technology to increase revenues, operational efficiency and their competitive advantage. Some enterprises have adopted mobility, putting to rest the initial concerns of enterprise security, development issues related to multiple platforms and multiple device form factors. The early adopters of mobility have witnessed increase in productivity, field force transformation by easy anytime access to existing ERP, improved sales force automation and human resource management capabilities.

Collabera's end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions & services will help you to create new opportunities for growth.


Collabera's mobility solutions are broadly categorized into the following areas:

OptiMobility - Our proprietary SAP Mobility solution that enables you to mobilize your business processes on the SAP platform. Read More

We also offer a host of industry specific mobility solutions that enable you to work smarter and more profitably. Read More


Our mobility service offerings cover the entire Mobility business landscape for addressing the mobility needs of the Blue Collar and White Collar mobile workers in the enterprises and all demographic segments in the consumer mobility landscape. Our end-to-end mobility service helps you select and manage the correct mobility strategy to deliver maximum business value. Read More

Assets & Framework

Collabera's framework consists of a chosen set of products and technologies to address development, deployment and management of mobility services. It helps you define your mobility strategy based on your organization's mobility requirements and readiness. We design, develop, and implement the enterprise mobility for your organization based on opportunity and business case analysis. Read More

Our mobility competency

We provide coverage for both MCAP and MEAP based solutions which can either be Consumer Focused or Enterprise Focused. Some of the technologies we have expertise on are as below:

  • Native Technologies/Frameworks: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Antenna AMP, Verivo Software & SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform)
  • Hybrid Technologies: Adobe PhoneGap & Appcelerator Titanium
  • Web Technologies/Frameworks: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Antenna Volantis, NetBiscuits, jQuery, Sencha & Dojo
  • Development Tools: XCode, Eclipse, IntelliJ-IDEA & Visual Studio 2010
  • Mobile Testing Tools: Device Anywhere
  • Target Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android - Phones, Tablets, Google TV, Windows Phones, BlackBerry - Phones and Tablet (Playbook) & Symbian devices
  • Communication Technologies: GSM,CDMA , GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth, WLAN, IP based cradle, RS232 & USB
  • Enterprise Packages: Oracle/Siebel, SAP, Microsoft, IBM Maximo, IBM Web Experience
  • Mobile Business Intelligence and Analytics: RoamBI
  • Enterprise Device Management: AirWatch
  • Databases: SQLite, SQL Compact, Oracle Lite, Oracle, SQL Server

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