PMO Optimization Assessment

A recent PMO survey conducted by CA1 found that less than 30% of PMOs demonstrate significant business value. A similar result was brought to bear when a 2007 PMI2 sponsored whitepaper analyzing the current state of PMOs sited that almost 50% of respondents indicated the existence of their PMO was being or had recently been seriously questioned

PMO Optimization Assessment

Chances are your PMO could use improvement. Whether your area of interest is in revisiting the PMO value proposition, refining PMO process and artefacts, improving PMO acceptance within your organization, or moving up the maturity curve to embrace project portfolio management and tools, Collabera can help.

Collabera has a well defined approach to addressing the people, process and technology considerations as organizations have their PMOs take on increasing responsibility, and expansion of scope. A focused initial step in addressing the evolution and value of your PMO is a PMO Optimization Assessment.

The goal of the PMO Optimization Assessment is to identify the role of the PMO in key areas like project execution and oversight, mentoring relationships, knowledge management, standards and consistency, and portfolio management and optimize the value of the PMO to your organization.

As PMOs are optimized, they are substantially better at meeting key success factors including effective sponsorship, accountability, competent staff, quality leadership, and demonstrated value. The Collabera PMO optimize model, starts with current PMO people, processes and tools, and leverages these to form an enhanced PMO operating environment.

Some of the topics that can be explored during the assessment will help to:

  • Identify your project portfolio with an outcome-based readiness perspective.
  • Aid in definition of key metrics to define PMO effectiveness and value.
  • Help you gain a solid understanding of your most valuable delivery assets.
  • Understand project stakeholder objectives and their ability to support the PMO.
  • Evaluate your technology "toolkit" and right-size the components.
  • Review the organizational structure of your PMO.
  • Evaluate / identify key roles for successful PMO strategy and delivery.
  • Assess key PMO techniques and leading practices.
  • Review the tools and process used to manage projects to successful completion.
  • Help your organization understand the PMO value proposition.
  • Assign timeframe and resource needs to achieve your immediate priorities and create a phased approach to ensure long-term success.

Assessment Outcomes

Upon completion of the assessment, Collabera will deliver an executive readout detailing our findings and recommendations. The readout will identify your strengths and challenges in terms of the Program Management Office.

We will leave you with a PMO report card documenting areas for improvement. Our recommendations will cover both short-term quick wins, as well as future enhancements that may require significant changes.

Undergoing the assessment is the first step in getting your PMO approach and services solidified, and maximizing returns that can be achieved through the efficient and effective use of the PMO as a driver for delivering successful project outcomes.

1) 2009 - The Value of the PMO, CA.
2) 2007 - The Multi-Project PMO: A Global Analysis of the Current State of Practice, Dr. Brian Hobbs


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