Mobility Platform

Collabera's mobility platform is built with a chosen set of products and technologies to address development, deployment and management of mobility services. It includes network schema, process workflow, middleware, gateways and accelerators necessary to extend enterprise class applications on leading mobile platforms. The platform extends enterprise data to mobiles on a secure channel through a reliable push/pull based synchronization service. The platform also has a robust device management solution and Data Synchronization Solution.  

Key features of the platform:

  • Robust & scalable architecture
  • Complete end-to-end interface management of all transactions and data
  • Supports all major mobile platforms
  • Integrated Development Environment supporting multiple "code free" applications
  • Centralized systems management of all devices, software, applications and integration
  • Secure data object transmission and storage
  • Fully unicode compliant with international language support
  • Supports external application, database and web service integration

Application Development Platform

An application development environment which integrates with Visual Studio and Eclipse platform and aids in Rapid Application Development of mobile applications abstracting out the complexities of developing application for a wide range of mobile device types, classes and operating systems. The IDE provides wizard driven modules for back end integration with SAP.

Data Synchronization Solution

A multi-platform push/pull based data synchronization solution compatible with most of the enterprise data sources like relational databases, services, packaged solutions and flat files. The synchronization solution provides a highly scalable, reliable and secure data synchronization mechanism providing the developers options to define a variety of synchronization models. The solution scores over its competitors through its ability to synchronize synchronously and asynchronously in intermittently connected networks using a check point based/network aware recovery mechanism.

Device Management Solution

A solution for deploying multi-platform mobile applications to mobile devices deployed across various geographic locations and management of those deployed applications. It provides an administrative console to deploy and manage applications and data on a wide set of mobile device types and classes with means to ensure data security and data integrity with optimal usage of network bandwidth. The solution facilitates policy management, user management, system management and provides analytical reports on usage patterns and real time usage statistics.

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SAP Mobility

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