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Imaging science is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the generation, collection, duplication, analysis, modification and visualization of images. In aspects of imaging, cameras are widely used in different Life Science fields like Fluorescence Microscopy, Single Molecule Fluorescence, low-light bio-imaging systems, Astronomy, Live Cell Imaging, X-Ray Imaging, etc. The accuracy of these imaging devices directly impacts financial and operational efficiency of any organization. This makes in depth testing of these devices for consistency and precision inevitable for an organization.

Focus Areas

Collabera's services for imaging systems help address the business needs across Application development Automation and testing services for the High Performance EMCCD and CCD based scientific cameras. Our services span a variety of cameras including USB, Fire wire (1394) and LVDS scientific cameras with support for temperature control, External/Internal triggering, Lowest EMCCD Read Noise etc.

What We Offer

Collabera helps in carrying out the development and testing services across the entire spectrum of Life Science Cameras.

Development Services

  • Application/Tools/Utilities Design and Development
  • SDK Development
  • RCA and fixing of defects
  • Tailored Automation framework for Stress testing and Reduced test cycle time

Testing Services

  • Verification and Validation of different camera settings including but not limited to different imaging modes, triggering modes, Frame counters, Exposures, data transfer, connectivity etc.
  • Functional and Performance evaluation to assure consistency and accuracy of different aspects of imaging devices.
  • Interoperability testing with different OEM specific Imaging applications
  • White box testing for early and speedy identifications of issues.
  • Expert quality analysis for product benchmarking
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Scientific imaging solution development
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