Dashboard for Banks

Collabera's Dashboard for Banks solution helps you create dashboards and scorecards to get an accurate picture of your bank's operational and financial health. It helps you drill down to identify gaps, causes, and remedial measures.

Globally, financial services organizations are grappling with intense competition, shrinking customer bases and blurred lines, even as internally they struggle with the twin challenges of ensuring existence and sustaining performance. Despite the implementation of reporting mechanisms that aid analysis and quick decision making, banks still invest significant time and resources in gathering and sifting through financial information, captured in various formats and systems.

In this tough business environment, dashboards are an effective answer to your need for a holistic view of your bank’s performance. They provide a comprehensive and consolidated snapshot, while offering the ability to further drill down to details. Dashboards help banks in determining several key parameters like:

  • Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are above or below target
  • Whether KPIs are similar across business lines
  • What controls need to be improved immediately

Collabera's Dashboard framework captures Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and operation metrics that drive your growth, profitability, risk reduction and sustainability. The framework consolidates data from different sources - core systems, Web applications, external feeds and legacy systems. It then transforms and segments the data based on predefined key indicators - giving you easy-to-use, comprehensive banking performance assessment and management Dashboards with trends and scenario analysis capabilities.

Our framework incorporates over 150 pre-defined graphical indicators, helping you reduce the time needed to implement a dashboard. The Dashboard has intuitive and configurable user interfaces and provides effectual reporting through analysis of cross-pollinated data. It allows users, at various levels, gain insight into the bank's health parameters relevant to their function.

Collabera uses its proprietary strategy workshop - Momentum, to carry out accurate mapping of your business strategy to Dashboard characteristics; enabling us to identify the right performance indicators that need to be captured in your executive Dashboards. Backed by over a decade of experience in creating Dashboards and score cards for global 1000 clients and deep banking domain expertise, we provide you the ability to foresee emerging areas of concern.

Dashboard for Banks

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