SharePoint 2010

Microsoft's latest release of SharePoint Server 2010 helps organizations improve collaboration in the enterprise and provides cost-effective solutions for building web based business solutions. The set of features provided with SharePoint help people stay connected irrespective of Geographical boundaries, provide access to documents and information.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is designed to help organizations achieve the following goals.

  • Connect and Empower People - Improved UI and integration with familiar Office tools help people to improve productivity. Better user experience increases usability and adoption among the business community.
  • Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure - A New Service Applications model helps organizations reduce costs by reusing service applications in multiple web applications. New abilities and management tools helps organizations reduce costs.
  • Rapidly Respond to Business Needs - With the Out-of-the-box features / artefacts and Office tools people can quickly create and deploy business applications. Development of these applications can easily be done by Business users without any help from IT. These features help the business improve productivity and increase efficiency.

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SharePoint 2010

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Why migrate to SharePoint 2010?

A look at the key features driving adoption of SharePoint 2010
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Migrating to SharePoint 2010 made easy

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SharePoint 2010 Strategy & Implementation

How Collabera helped a leading U.S. bank leverage SharePoint 2010 to improve collaboration and communication
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