Collabera Stem Scholarship Announcement


Collabera is pleased to announce the 2017 recipients of the first ever Collabera STEM Scholarship. Three passionate individuals are being awarded $2500 to assist their efforts in pursuing an exciting and rewarding STEM career.

All applicants were asked to submit a one page essay answering the following, “Pursuing a career in STEM requires a strong commitment to stay on top of the ever-changing world of technology. As a future STEM leader, what influenced your decision to pursue a career in STEM and how do you think you will make an impact in this industry?”.

After thoroughly reviewing the applications, it was evident that the next generation of leaders will make an impact on the world using technology. The winners of the 2017 Collabera STEM Scholarship are three individuals who have high aspirations of making a difference in this world. This past week, we had the chance to speak with our winners about their STEM inspirations and future goals.

New York/New Jersey Region Scholarship Winner: Alison Fong

“My passion for STEM began in middle school, where I joined a program called the ‘First Program’, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology. We had to design and complete various tasks with a Lego robot. I will always remember my task of casting a broken bone using the Lego robot I built” said Alison Fong. “From there, I continued to pursue biology, computer science and chemistry classes throughout High School.”

When asking Alison what inspired her to pursue biomedical engineering, she stated “to see the advances that are currently happening in medicine, and seeing how it can improve someone’s life, has inspired me to make an impact in the world of biotechnology and medicine”.

Alison Fong plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at Northeastern University. As a biomedical engineer, she hopes to work for a biotech company where she can synthesize new drugs and/or drug delivery systems. She is passionate about making a positive impact and helping to change the lives of those with physical ailments.

Congratulations Alison! We look forward to seeing how you will make an impact in the biomedical industry!

Redmond/Seattle Region Scholarship Winner: Benjamin Fornia

Benjamin Fornia is a graduating high school senior who plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Washington. He hopes to make an impact in the ever-changing world of technology. “It’s become a life-long passion to make an impact on the world through Technology. It’s always been a huge part of my life, as my dad is a computer engineer and has been working with computers since I can remember.” said Benjamin. “Throughout High School I took college-level programming classes and joined a programming club. I love programming and the problem-solving aspect of it. I had an amazing teacher who, in addition to my dad, inspired me to pursue a career in computer science.”

Congratulations Benjamin! We are excited to see how you will make an impact on the world through technology!

National Scholarship winner: Justin Yeung

With a passion for science and engineering, Justin Yeung plans to attend the UC Berkeley, where he will pursue a degree in chemical/biomolecular engineering. He aspires to work in oncology, where he hopes to improve the lives of people suffering from cancer by discovering new cures and diagnosis.

“Since elementary school, I always knew I wanted to do something related to science. When it came to my High School education, I decided to attend the Academy for Science & Design. This is where I really fostered my passion for engineering as I participated in many extracurricular activities” said Justin. “During my freshman year, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer – that really spurred my interest in chemical biology and oncology specifically. In addition, while I was interning at a pharmaceutical company, I saw the engineers that worked on developing new processes & diagnosis. Witnessing the amazing developments, I was truly inspired.”

Congratulations Justin! We are confident you will help to make a positive impact on those suffering around the globe!

We are proud to support the next generation of critical thinkers and visionaries in STEM.

Congratulations to all our award recipients!

Also, thank you to all our applicants! We wish you the best in yours studies this fall.

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