Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to acknowledge and support the cause, Collabera offices across the United States are fundraising for local cancer-focused charities. In the past, we have focused on national charities, but our new approach allows each office to better connect and engage with the local community. Some of the creative fundraising ideas our teams have come up with include: fundraising happy hours, pie-an-executive contest, 50/50 ping pong games, and 5k walks.

Connect with your local office to see what they’ve got planned and how you can contribute.

  • CalendarOctober 2018

Cell Phones for Soldiers Donation campaign

During the month of April and May, offices across the U.S. participated in our annual Cell Phones for Soldiers Campaign. Our offices were encouraged to donate old/slightly used cell phones for our nation’s heroes. As a whole, we helped make an impact on our nation’s heroes who dedicate their lives to protecting us each and every day. This year, we received a total of 95 cell phones. All donations will be recycled, with all proceeds being used to fund soldiers with pre-paid calling cards to help connect them with loved ones.

We are ecstatic with the number of participants who wanted to help make a difference and provide a landline to our nation’s heroes.

If you missed our donation campaign, please be sure to visit and donate a phone today! You too can help make a difference, one cell phone at a time.

  • CalendarApril 2017
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