Get Your Career Back on Track in 2019
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Get Your Career Back on Track in 2019

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Could be that you’ve made a resolution to get that promotion, to find a new job, or even just figure out what you want to do when you grow up. The time is right for that job search, with unemployment at a low point, it appears that the ball is in the job seeker’s corner. But before you go out and jump ship from your current job, here are some ways you can strategically get that job search off to a great start in 2019. 

1. Figure Out Your Career Goals

First things first: What do you want to do? If you’ve hit a boring patch in your current gig, what would jazz it up? More responsibility or different duties? Did you end up somewhere “temporary” that lasted more than a few years? When it comes to getting your career back on track, thinking down the line can help a lot.

  • Try some daydreaming: Imagine yourself in your ideal job. What does it look like?
  • Talk to colleagues: Asking someone else what their job entails not only makes you a better employee, it can help you up the ladder. Great collaboration breeds great group efforts, and won’t go unnoticed.
  • Read about it: Take the time to read up on different careers, whether they’re business profiles, a TED Talk, or just some LinkedIn browsing. See what makes up different jobs and businesses and how you might fit in to a different role.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re aiming for, the next step is to see what tools you have already (and what you need to work on).

2. Fill in Your Skill Gaps

Some of the most sought-after skills in 2019 are computer and IT-based. Even if your dream job doesn’t land directly in the technical field, chances are you could make yourself even more hireable by boosting those skill sets.

For example,

  • Marketers might want to brush up on spreadsheet and data analytics skills.
  • Project Managers could always seek out training in new online collaboration tools.
  • Graphic Designers should dabble in web design and coding techniques as well as boosting print and digital art skills.

Get help with your skill sets by signing up for training you can do in your spare time. Try free classes, online courses with reputable companies, and seek out learning opportunities that your current employer might already subsidize.

3. Talk Yourself Up (and Know When to Listen)

Resolving to get a new job? Let everybody know! If your aim is to get promoted, scheduling time with your boss to talk about your goals is a great idea. Let them know that you’re interested in improving yourself and growing with the company and they can give you some real talk on what you excel at and what needs a bit of work.

Network your way to a new job with some meet-and-greets. If your network is a little bit of a shallow pool, resolve to expand it this year. Join some professional organizations that have regular cocktail hours and set a goal of making acquaintances with at least three strangers at each gathering. Or just start slow, with connecting online. (Just don’t start that conversation with “HIRE ME!”)

Make some coffee dates and use your afternoon pick-me-up to reconnect with former colleagues, potential new collaborators, or just some good friends who can be advocates. You never know where a referral is going to come from, and connecting sooner rather than later can really boost your search efforts.

You can even use these conversations to just learn more about challenges you could see yourself solving in a new position. (Which makes a great icebreaker when you’re trying to impress a hiring manager or potential new boss.)

If something big has recently happened in your industry, see what your conversation partner thinks of the impact it might have on the field as a whole,” writes Lily Zhang at The Muse. “You’ll get a much broader perspective if you expand the conversation beyond your own friends and officemates.”

Whatever you choose to do in 2019, we hope it’s a year that sees you smiling at the end!

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