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West Point, Pennsylvania, US

Job Description

  • The basic function of this position is to provide support to customer complaints – including ensuring the root cause appropriately considers the device and device constituents, provide statements on design and risk as necessary and provide trend and analysis information on the various aspects of the complaints.
  • Additionally, this position will be lead a cross functional team to update or create various risk documentation necessary to further support the customer complaint process and overall management of the device or combination product.
  • Team supports more than 40 Medical Device and Combination Products (MDCP) including Asmanex Twisthaler, Dulera, Follistim, Ganirelix, Gardasil 9, Nasonex, Nexplanon (Implanon NXT), NuvaRing (and Applicator)

Job Requirements

Documentation, customer complaints


Job Code: 50115625

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