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Support Engineer
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Irving, Texas, US

Job Description

Job Description – Exchange Identity

Represent client and communicate with Enterprise customers via telephone, written correspondence, or electronic service to find solutions for the most technically complex problems identified in clients's software products. Solve highly complex level of problems, involving broad, in-depth product knowledge or in-depth product specialty; may include support of additional product lines. Frequently, these problems will not only be technically complex, but will be politically charged situations requiring the highest level of customer skill. Analyze problems and develop solutions to meet customer needs. Responsible for managing a relationship with these customers including thoroughly documenting case work, and driving the quickest resolution possible to the customer’s issues.

Basic Technical skillset required:

· 3+ years of Level3 support experience in Exchange Server versions (2010, 2013, 2016) in addition to strong demonstrated knowledge in MSFT products like Outlook, TMG, IIS and Windows servers.

· 1+ year of experience for collecting, reading and analyzing network traces and product logfiles.

· 1+ year experience applying a logical and methodical approach for problem solving.

· Strong troubleshooting skills and technical experience in Networking/DNS and Active Directory.

· Preferred Technical skillset required:

· Experience supporting Exchange in Office365 hybrid deployments.

· Experience deploying and supporting system integrations to MSFT products.


· Identity Authorization and Authentication experience

· Identity Synchronization Technologies (Dirsync, AAD Connect, FIM…etc)

· Identity and Access Management, Office 365 Identity Management


Escalation team- broken up into 5 technical areas. The last line of escalation, handling some of the biggest customers and hardest issues.

Daily schedule- 40 hrs/ wk operating hours are M-S 7-10PM varying shifts, depending on team and business needs. you are placed on. 80% customer facing, 20% training, meetings, researching. High interaction level with team and customers.

The culture is very diverse in every way. The team is very inclusive. Up to date and team oriented/ collaborative. Everyone is open to work together and assist each other. Latest and greatest with technology- highly technical and challenging- lots of growth and get to learn a lot.

Best vs. average

· 3+ years of Level (3) support experience Degrees or certifications would be a plus. Ability to communicate, work well with other people, take feedback, great work ethic and flexibility; these are must haves.

· Top 3 must-have hard skills, stack-ranked by importance

· 1 Working with Exchange- 3+ years

· 2 Strong background in Windows-based operating systems and applications 3+ years

· 3 Strong trouble shooting and logical thinking 3+ years

Job Requirements

Identity, Office365, Exchange 2013 CSS, support


Job Code: 50119075

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