Java Developer: Job Description
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Java Developer: Job Description

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Java Developers are the visionaries behind information solutions. They are responsible for designing and developing applications and system solutions that can affect an entire company. They frequently act as the support structure for business by recommending new solutions to improve user experience. Understanding the most appropriate tools, methodologies, and languages to use for a particular problem or solution an essential aspect of a Java developer’s day-to-day.

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Typical Java Developer Responsibilities

Java developers have the ability to drastically improve application functioning within a business through speed and scalability of their solutions. The day-to-day tasks of Java developer vary depending on their level of ownership over one application or many. That being said, many Java developers find themselves working beyond programming and take part in the full software development lifecycle. This gives Java developers the opportunity to practice DevOps by researching and suggesting alternative methods and technologies to achieve end goals. In general, they will be responsible to:

  • Design, develop, implement, and maintain java application phases, code, and software.
  • Conduct software analysis, programming, testing, and debugging, as well as recommending changes to improve the established processes.
  • Transform requirements into stipulations and identify production and non-production application issues

Skills of a Great Java Developer

Java is an influential computing language that has many linguistic descendants including Python, Scala, and PHP. There is some expectation that Java developers stay abreast of new language developments, and propose or incorporate innovation wherever they see fit. A senior level Java developer may be responsible for overseeing a core development team. With that in mind, it is good for a Java developer to work on enhancing their leadership and teambuilding skills. There are some essential skills that every good Java developer should have:

  • Patience and perseverance to overcome challenges, solve problems, and learn new computer languages and techniques.
  • Familiarity with a variety of designs, languages, and methodologies (e.g. SQL, ORM, J2EE, RabbitMQ, Microservices, Agile and Scrum)
  • Competence and comfort using multiple frameworks (e.g. Spark, Storm, Hadoop, Angular 2/4/5, Spring Boot)
  • Ability to gather accurate requirements and work closely with stakeholders to prioritize tasks and the scope of development.
  • Strong attention to detail with the ability to identify errors and make adjustments in a testing environment.

Salary Outlook

The use of Java seems to be more in quality than in quantity, as only 2.6 percent of all websites utilize Java. But, some of the biggest, most highly trafficked websites depend on Java, such as LinkedIn, Chase, and even the IRS. While Java can be used in many industries, it is e-commerce and web-dependent companies that rely on quality Java developers. As a company grows, they tend to switch over to Java for better speed and stability. Java is also said to be the future of Big Data, which could give Java developers an even stronger salary outlook.

According to Payscale, Java developers make an average base salary of $73,268 in the United States. The more languages and methodologies a Java developer knows, generally the higher the salary will be. For example, a Senior Java developer makes an average $15k more in base salary. Thus, the more experience you gain as a Java developer, the more seniority you will have – and consequently a higher salary.

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Expected Education and Certification

Most employers will be looking for at least a bachelor’s degree, usually in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Mathematics—though many java developers choose to pursue a professional certificate instead. Holding a recent certificate communicates to potential employers that you have a detailed understanding of software systems and the latest advances in Java and computer science. It is also good to have a working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, in addition to any Java-specific certificate.

  • Java SE 8 Programmer: Oracle Certified Associates gives you a name-brand certificate education with a short training turnaround time of just 5 days.  

Potential Java Developer Interview Questions

With development and programming language skills at the core of your role as a Java developer, you will need to have a strong interview in order to land the job. Come prepared for any question and assume that you will be asked very specific and technical questions. Here’s a few to think about in order to get started:

  • Which is a more secure way to store sensitive data, in a character array or in a String? And why?
  • How can you catch an exception thrown by another thread in Java?
  • What does it mean for a collection to be “backed by” another? Can you give an example of when this would be useful?
  • What languages do you know and how do you decide which is most appropriate to implement?

Professional Organizations and Associations

Joining a professional organization demonstrates your commitment to the role, and helps to develop your professional network. You can stay abreast of new languages, innovations, and the latest news in the field of Java development.

Brush up on your Java Knowledge

Staying up-to-date on the latest best practices also includes self-learning. From reading blogs and attending conventions, to taking a free course online, there are many ways and places to expand your skills.

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