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Staff augmentation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our client services. We help healthcare businesses face the challenges of an ever-changing market through a variety of partnerships:

Managed services and consulting projects

We have 15,000+ workers worldwide, forming a flexible workforce ready to tackle your highest-priority IT needs.

Resource- and project-based augmentation

Build up and scale back your tech resources on an as-needed basis. We have IT professionals at the ready when strategic needs call for them.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Keep your full-time employees focused on their top-priority work — we’ll take care of sourcing and hiring the talent you need to keep moving forward.

Training and development

Our expert training staff can provide ongoing education to help your staff stay on the bleeding edge of tech advancements in healthcare.

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Partners We Work With

Three Fortune 30 >

global healthcare payers

The largest U.S>

nonprofit healthcare provider

Five Fortune 100>

pharmaceutical and research companies

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